Preventive Maintenance

  • Most Lift Gates are Neglected or serviced incorrectly

    Considering the cost of repair, downtime, and the longevity of a unit, this can be a costly oversight. Not to mention the safety and production efficiency benefits related to a proper operating machine.

  • What is a PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE service?

    Precision Lift Gate developed a comprehensive Preventive Maintenance service and inspection program. This program is continuously updated as lift gates evolve and new models are introduced. By taking the manufacturers recommended procedures and adding to that, the service and inspection of items frequently seen to fail on an individual model and other problem areas found on all lift gates, we are able to dramatically reduce unscheduled down time and road calls for our customers.


    Only available through us, our service is not a “quick once over” or part of a BIT inspection. It is a complete service performed by a trained technician whose only job is working with lift gates.

  • How do I get my units serviced?

    Call in when you require a service or set up a predetermined interval. We can assist you in deciding what interval would best suit you based on your lift gate model, cycles per week and type of industry. No contracts are necessary, but if desired you can be added to a program which updates us daily as to which unit’s are due for service based on your requested interval.

  • Can PRECISION service lift gates at our location?

    ABSOLUTELY! Regardless as to whether units are on our scheduled Preventive Maintenance Intervals or, a service has been called in, we will go to your location to service one lift gate or to service the entire fleet.

PRECISION is here to serve you!